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What is a Boston Terrier?


We used to breed and love Great Danes exclusively. Then one day Stitch came into our lives. Fun and feisty, but sweet and cuddly. He could play rough with our largest dogs, but could be gentle and kind with the kids and puppies. His antics kept us laughing!! We decided that this small jovial dog with the GIANT personality is the new breed for us. 

Our Bostons are the perfect family dog. They have happy and goofy personalities.  A perfect day for them is to have you to throw a ball for them until your arm falls off, give them all the treats, and let them sleep under the blankets with you. One warning! Bostons are known for their foul farts!!
If you would like to know more about this fantastic breed, no one explains it better than the AKC breed description. You can go there and get a thorough education. But we prefer you to FEEL what a Boston is like... go on YouTube right now and find the Pixar short film: Feast (2014). The Blue Boston Terrier in this movie is what motivated our family to get our first Boston, Stitch, and we have never regretted it. Then, when I decided to switch from breeding Great Danes to Bostons our family wholeheartedly supported it because Stitch was such a character and made us so happy. 

We know that once you experience the joys of a Boston Terrier you will be hooked just like us. Many Boston owners have multiples because they just can’t imagine their lives without them. 

What makes West Cactus Kennels special?


We are proud to rise to Empowered BAB standards, and raise my puppies with the advanced "badass" curriculum. This curriculum allows us to empower, not enable our puppies. Our temperament testing helps us make ideal placements into family homes and service jobs. We honor our dogs and place them in homes where they and their families will thrive!

We also have extended education in the science and art of breeding through the Midwoofery Breeder science based training courses and AKC breeder courses. We believe in constant professional and personal development so we can keep up with industry changes and new scientific research. 

We maintain a holistic approach with our dogs and our program. I look at my dogs as a whole, more than their reproductive organs, more than their place in human lives. We attempt to honor our dogs and offer natural options for health and care. 

My daughter is a Vet Tech and we have consistent, high quality healthcare. I love our Veterinarian and Staff and we do not scrimp on their Medical care. 

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