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We love our babies and we know you will too! Look at the photo-shoot we did! These guys hated every minute. But don't they look cute? Go to our instagram page to tell them so...

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Meet Meeko, Another Cricket daughter. She is a blue and white girl with the cuddliest nature. But when she is not cuddling, she doesn't stop moving! She is dilute and is a likely fawn carrier.


Remy is Cricket's daughter, and is blue like her Mama. Remy is extremely athletic, and has a slightly longer muzzle so she is able to do endurance sports without the standard Brachy problems. Her health testing has been completed and we look forward to litters that show her same athleticism.


Finley is a gorgeous light Red color who also carries for fawn & dilute. All her health testing is done. She makes some beautiful rainbow litters!


Cricket - 20lb Blue beauty with hazel eyes. Cricket is our most fun and athletic bostie. She has now been spayed. She has made very healthy babies for families and for our program. We can't wait to see her play with her grandbabies.


Gypsy is our sweet tiny Mama. She is a black brindle 3 year old who is 14 lbs. -Retired- She has now been spayed and is living a happy, healthy life.


Stitch - Although he is neutered and will never be bred, he has a fantastic personality and temperament. The first Boston we owned, and the reason we fell in love with the breed. He is also the "fun uncle" to all our pups.