Canine Midwife

AKA Whelper. We offer midwife services for first-time breeders, or those who need to leave town while their puppies are due. 


Finding someone to care for a dam and litter, or a pregnant dam is not easy. We do offer this service. However, we only offer this at the home of the dam. This reduces the risk of diseases being introduced onto our property. 

whelping kit rental

For first-time breeders or those who do not have storage space for whelping supplies, we offer a whelping kit for $150 rental fee. This includes a whelping box, some washable whelping pads, a heating pad, forceps, scissors and bulb syringe. It also includes some disposable items like whelping records, gloves, and puppy pads. If you are interested in this service, let us know and we can send you more info.